Women and Children

Our Story

We've only just begun

The Beginning..

Founded in Baltimore, Maryland, Ashanti took her first step onto the fashion scene in June 2011 with her Chize “Moment for Life” Fashion Show. She then went even further revealing her designs to the world via the World Wide Web. Spring of 2014 she took her show on the road traveling throughout the DMV vending at events. In May she opened an Etsy shop, an online store. Here she sold her handmade accessories and children room decor. In 2015 Ashanti decided to open a multi-label boutique for women and children. She would call the boutique "ChizeManor". Two sections she particularly takes pride in is jewelry and the Bathe and Body Shoppe. As a way to pay homage to where she came from, these two sections contain only handmade products. She knows first hand how hard and discouraging it can be for small/home based business owners. Reaching out to fellow Etsy shop owners and others she worked with at events she was able to fill these two sections with carefully crafted and unique products. Chize and Mini-Chize are amongst the brands sold at ChizeManor.

The Present......

Two years later and we're still running strong. We are growing and business has expanded all over the U.S. We are constantly changing and improving. 2016 started off great. 2017 promises to be even greater, better than the two previous years put together. Our story is still being written. Stay tuned you don't want to miss this.