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Mawahh all handcrafted, all natural, Body Souffle`
Lavender Souffle`(1)
Citrus Souffle`(2)
Sweet Pea Souffle`(2)

WAS $15.00 NOW 11.00


Mawahh all handcrafted, all natural, Body Scrubs
Citrus Scrub
Coffee Scrub(3)
Lavender Scrub(2)

WAS $9.00 NOW $7.00


Mawahh all handcrafted, all natural, Lotion Bars
Zanzibar ( Sold Out)
Fancy Clementine (2)

WAS 4.00 NOW $3.00


Mishas More Better Butter

This whipped butter is based in 100% unrefined raw mango butter.Mango butter also knoown as Mango seed butter has all the benefits as Shea butter with a little bit more. Mango Butter's emollient properties may help keep your skin well hydrated, staving off the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Like Shea Butter, Mango Butter may confer mild protection from sun damage. With 100% unrefined organic coconut oil, Shea butter and cold-pressed olive, jojoba, castor, vitamin E and sweet almond oils. lemon, tea tree, lavender, geranium, and? rosemary essential oils were added this blend. This butter is loaded with all the health benefits to both your skin and hair. Use this to battle stretch marks chronic dry skin and hair.

Available in Original Shea Butter , Mango Butter, or Fragrant Original Shea Butter.

Original Shea Butter (4), Mango Butter,  Mango-Pomegranate, Kiwi-Coconut (3), Lemon Meringue (3)

Reg Price: $5.00-$6.50 CLEARANCE PRICE: $4.00


Mishas Massage Candle 

This candle is uniquely blended with your skin in mind. It contains many skin treasures that will revitalize your skins softer side.  The melted wax can be massage into skin after a shower to lock in moisture. The same fragrances available for the hair and body butters can also be added to these candles.  

*Note: Fragrances for candles will not be as strong as a household candle since its intent is for the skin.

Contains skin grade soy wax, Shea & Mango butters, almond, jojoba, avocado, vitamin E, essential and other oils. 4 oz

Available in 4 fragrances

Lightly Scented (1)

Mango Pomegranate

Lemon Meringue

Kiwi Coconut (1)

Reg: $10.00 CLEARANCE: $7.00


Old Artisan Soul Eco-Friendly Candles.

These are natural soy candles that are highly scented and dye free. They do not contain and paraffin wax, a product which is derived from petroleum. It is the most eco-friendly choice and they burn slower.

The soy wax used in these candles come from soybeans grown by American farmers.

Old Artisan Soul Candles are made in small batches and are hand poured.

Available in 2oz jars.

Fragrances:  Kringleberry (2), Lavender, Strawberry Shortcake (1), Maple Butterscotch (2), Peach Nectar (2), Sage and Pomegranate (1), Crisp Chardonnay (2), Frank and Myrrh (2), Pecan Pie (2)

Reg: $5.00 CLEARANCE: $3.50


Bodycon Racer Back Dress
Color: Mint(M/L)

WAS: $25.00 NOW: $15.00


Relaxed Fit Pant w/ pockets
Color: Heather Grey
Sizes: M/L

WAS: $16.50 NOW: $12.50


Free Hugs Shirt
Colors: Pink(L) Black(M/L)

WAS: 15.00 NOW: $12.00


Long Sleeve Denim Top
Color: Medium Denim
Sizes: L/XL

WAS: $28.00 NOW: $12.00

Mesh Top Dress w/ Cut Out bottom
Color: Royal Blue
Sizes: S/M/L

WAS: $35.00 NOW: $20.00 


Tie-Dye Denim
Color: DK Denim

WAS: $32.00 NOW: $12.75


Destroyed Bleached Denim 
Color: LT Denim

WAS: $32.00 NOW: $12.75


Destroyed Denim 
Color: DK Denim

WAS: $36.00 NOW: 12.75


High Waisted Relaxed Fit Pant w/ side pockets.
Color: Off White
SiZes: M/L 

WAS $16.50 NOW $12.50

But First Coffee Top
Colors: Teal

WAS: $15.00 NOW $12.00


Denim top w/ lace
Color: Denim
Sizes: S/M/L

WAS: $28.00 NOW: $12.00


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